Our Story

Meet Our Founder and CEO Sydney Norvell

Hi there and thank you for reading my story - my aspiration,
You got it girl is a brand that supports and uplifts women in athletics. The goal is to build a brand that is not only for clothing, but also sponsors events and highlights courageous women. The story behind the montra stems from my experience as a women wrestler, a coach, and as an advocate for women in sports. 
I was the first woman to step foot on an all boys wrestling team. At this time, the sport was tabu for women to join, and was very controversial. There were not enough women to wrestle each other, so I hopped in amongst the guys. I will never forget convincing the coach and athletic director to let me on the team. My coach told me "you can join, but now I am treating you just like the guys”. Honestly, those were the words I wanted to hear, as I was ready to join the sport with full equality. After a week showing up to the toughest workouts in my life, we found 6 more girls joining the team. This is when I realized the power of one person and one movement. All of us girls ended up wrestling in the varsity line up on the mens team. To this day, I look back recognizing I fell in love with the sport, but even more so, the possibility of becoming a pioneer for something that could grow and empower women. 

I went on to wrestle in college and start women's wrestling teams as a coach. The pattern has stayed the same. One wrestler leads to seven, that then leads to fourteen and so on. "You got it girl" is a term I hear moving throughout the tournaments from the time I wrestled to now as a coach. Girls empowering one another, coaches shouting to their women athletes on the mat, and male wrestlers cheering on their female teammates. This phrase caught my attention and made me realize there is much more we can do for these athletes - not only in wrestling but in every sport. Watching the confidence these women gain from being on the mat has motivated me to take a step further and to do more than be an athlete and coach.

It didn't take long to realize the power of the phrase “you got it girl”, and the way it unites people. Every tournament I have gone to, I recognize the need for women's gear. There are minimal apparel brands targeted towards just women athletes. My goal was to create a brand that embraces the powerful tagline, while also incorporating femininity. With every purchase you not only wear the gear, but also know you are supporting girls across the globe in their athletic endeavors for every sport. 

Our mission is to empower women in pursuit of their dreams, to provide opportunities for athletic success, and to promote women in their respective sport.